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Pro Loft Conversions Oxford gives you a professional team of highly qualified craftsmen who work together to deliver the loft conversion of your dreams. We put the customer first and foremost at every stage from the initial (free) consultation through project delivery and co-ordination and ending with project completion and a fantastic new space for you and your family to enjoy.

There are many ways to deliver an excellent loft conversion, and Pro Loft Conversions Oxford has the experience to advise you on the best way for you to achieve the space you need. We pride ourselves on our excellent communication with clients. We pay careful attention to health and safety and planning regulations. Our team works efficiently, effectively, and leaves your home clean and tidy when complete.

We care about every project because we know that your loft conversion will enhance your enjoyment of your home and family life. We deliver quality, on budget, with minimum inconvenience, and on time.

Loft Conversion Service

A loft conversion service takes a redundant dusty area where your unwanted or seldom-used possessions hide and turns it into a useable extra room or rooms. Many people incur the costs and stress of moving to a new house simply to gain that extra room. Once in a new home, they then need to redecorate. When you add up the costs of moving, a loft conversion is very affordable and typically increases the value of your home by at least 20%.

Many people are realising that their homes can be modified to meet their growing needs without the hassle, time, and expense of moving.

How Does a Professional Loft Conversion Work?

The precise process varies with each project, but all projects follow clearly defined stages:

Free Consultation: It costs you nothing to discuss your options with Pro Loft Conversions Oxford. Our team talks you through the feasibility, potential costs, and legislation hurdles.

Setting up the project: Before we start converting your attic into your ideal space, there is the planning phase where we help you with plans and permissions.

Working on your loft: we pride ourselves on excellent communication with our clients, and we keep you informed at every stage. Our team employs experts for carpentry, plumbing, electricals, plastering, and finishing. A loft conversion can take from four to ten weeks, depending on the nature of the work needed and the intended room use.

Completion: We discuss your project and the finish with you so that when we sign off the project, you are satisfied that everything is a high standard and complete

mezzanine loft conversion

Why Convert Your Loft?

Most people convert their attic to gain extra space for a growing family or their interests. A loft room with abundant natural light is an ideal painting studio, home gym, bedroom, bathroom, or extra living space. The high cost of housing makes it difficult for young people to move out, creating independent space for them makes everyone’s home life more manageable. The practical uses for extra living space are endless.

Increasing your living space by converting the attic space is far less expensive and stressful than buying a new property. Plus, it increases the value of your significant asset, meaning you make more money on selling your house when you need to move for other reasons like downsizing or relocating.

What about a DIY conversion?

You can convert your loft by yourself if you are confident you have all the skills needed to assess structural integrity, punch holes through the roof, comply with building and planning legislation, electrical wiring, plumbing, and plastering. And that’s just a few of the skills involved.

Yes, you can choose to do the work yourself, but can you complete the whole job to a high-quality standard in under two months without damaging your family happiness and avoiding potentially catastrophic repairs to your home?

Converting a loft space into a useable room needs all the skills to build a house. Pro Loft Conversion Oxford put the right people on your project at the right time to save you time and money. We deliver a legal and high-quality loft conversion that gives you extra useable space in your home.

Types of Oxford Loft Conversions

There are many types of loft conversion, and these are some examples of the most popular forms:

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Roof Light

The roof light conversion is the most economical and rapid type of attic conversions. Oxford has many conservation areas, and roof light loft conversions are easier to get approved in sensitive areas. The process is straightforward, windows fit into the existing roof slope, and then the interior finishes with flooring, insulation, plasterboard, and a staircase. Some people refer to these conversions as Velux conversions after the well-known roof window brand.

The benefits of a roof light loft conversion:

  • Low cost – a roof light conversion can cost 25% less than other types and still increases the value of the home by around 20%.
  • A roof light window allows more light into attic than a dormer window, making this excellent for a hobby or special interest room.
  • Installing roof lights are less disruptive, fit quickly, and have fewer delays due to bad weather than other loft conversions.
  • Attic conversion using roof lights takes less time than other conversion types.
  • Roof windows fit flush into the existing roof, the change in appearance is minimal, but it may still require planning permission in sensitive conservation areas.
  • Planning permission may not be needed because roof windows do not overlook nearby properties. If planning permission is necessary, it is more likely to be granted to a roof light conversion.
  • Flexible placement of roof windows gives you light and ventilation where you need it rather than it being dictated by the build, as in the case of dormer windows.
  • Potentially can have many windows, depending on planning permission rules in your area.

There are also disadvantages:

  • Insufficient headroom may mean that a roofline conversion is not possible.
  • Building regulations may result in the access staircase in the centre of the room rather than conveniently located to one side.
  • Window dressing options are blinds only, but there are many colours and styles. Plus, you can opt to have the blind between the panes of double glazing.
  • You don’t gain any additional space.
rooflight windows
Red loft conversions Oxford
modern style loft conversion

Optional features with a roof light construction are to install remote control of the windows with automatic closure in response to rain. Careful design and top hanging windows give you a clear view and allow the creation of a mini balcony effect.

Pro Loft Conversions Oxford has expertise in delivering elegant roof light conversions, and our free consultation will assess if this type of conversion is suitable for your home. Our professional team will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a roof light conversion in your loft space.

Dormer Loft Conversion Oxford

modern dormers Oxford

A dormer window is a vertical window inserted into a pitched roof. The name comes from Latin – dormitorium, meaning sleeping room. Dormer windows are often fitted in attic bedrooms because they give extra headroom and increased useable floor space, as well as other benefits. Fitting dormer windows create a functional room in your loft space where there is not enough room to use roof lights.

A dormer conversion involves adding one or more box structures to the pitched roof on the back, side, or front of your house. Dormer windows come in multiple styles, and you are sure to find one that enhances the appearance of your home, fits in with planning rules, and gives you a stylish attic room.

Types of dormers include:

  • Flat roof
  • Shed roof – a flat roof with a slope
  • Dog-house – two pitched roofs
  • L – shaped – two roofs forming an L shape
  • Hipped roof – three pitched sides

There are a couple of dormer windows that provide natural light and a charming architectural feature but do not add as much or any additional space to the loft conversion.

  • Barrel or arched roof – a round roof available with an attractive copper finish.
  • Eyebrow – creates a ripple in the existing roof.

The benefits of a dormer conversion include:

  • Create a versatile space with headroom and increased floor space.
  • Increase natural light and ventilation.
  • Provide a room with a view.
  • May fall within permitted development.
  • Suitable for almost every house with a pitched roof and loft space.
  • Create an extra fire exit from your home.
  • Create a Juliette balcony.
  • Adds interest and kerb appeal.

The possible disadvantages include:

  • Constructing the dormer windows increases the project cost and time.
  • Not suitable for a truss framed roof space.
  • Increases the cost of replacing the house roof at a future date.
  • Valleys create potential leak issues – use a professional installer.

Our professional team will help you plan and assess your dormer loft conversion project from the initial free consultation to the point where you can furnish your room with a view. A dormer conversion takes around four to eight weeks. It makes sense to use experts like Pro Loft Conversions Oxford because we put together a team with all the specialism you need from flashing the valleys around your dormer windows to plumbing in a bathroom and all the other necessary details.

Hip to Gable

There are many styles of home, but the “standard” imaginary house is one with four walls and two sloping roofs. A hip roof is an additional side sloping roof and is a typical style of homes built in the thirties and bungalows.

A gable is a vertical wall that meets the roof. Turning a hip into a gable means extending the vertical wall and the front and back sloping roofs to reach it. By removing the hip roof, you create extra headroom but no additional floor space. The floor space you have becomes useful because the sloping roof prevented access.

This loft conversion is ideal for any property with a hipped roof, which excludes mid-terraced properties as they never have a hip roof.

The benefits of a hip to gable conversion:

  • A natural appearance compared with adding dormer windows and can be finished in the style of your home.
  • May fall within permitted development rules.
  • More likely to be approved in a sensitive conservation area.
  • Combines well with other loft conversions to provide maximum space and light.
  • It increases the useable floor space of your loft.

The disadvantages:

  • It costs more than a dormer conversion because you are extending walls and roofs.
  • You need a hip roof to take advantage of this option.
sleek white loft conversion design
nice loft conversion Oxford

Pro Loft Conversions Oxford provides you with expert advice about the feasibility of this type of conversion and the potential of combining it with roof lights and dormer windows to maximise your new room space.

new build loft conversion


All the styles of loft conversions listed above may be suitable for a bungalow. The primary consideration with a bungalow property is that the walls are not ideal for the weight of additional rooms on an upper level and the absence of stairs.

Our team can advise you on the possible need for underpinning (a straightforward process) and what type of loft conversion is best for your needs.

Trussed Roof

A trussed roof has ‘W’ shaped rafters holding up the roof and supporting the loft floor – these take up a lot of space. Trussing decreases construction costs but means you need to replace the trusses before converting the loft into a useable room. Trussed roofs usually are lower than other roof styles, and a successful loft conversion may also need to raise the roof. The loft area needs remodelling before the conversion begins, and this increases the cost.

We remove the trusses after installing horizontal beams or ‘A’ shapes. The process sounds complicated, but for a professional team like Pro Loft Conversions Oxford, it is straightforward. Take advantage of our free consultation process, and we will talk you through the conversion process for trussed roof spaces. A skilful conversion of a trussed roof space will give you extra space and add value to your home.

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Locations we cover

At Pro Loft Conversions Oxford we serve the whole of Oxford and the surrounding areas. Here’s just a small selection of the locations we cover:

  • Headington
  • Radley
  • Boars Hill
  • Cumnor
  • Eynsham
  • Cassington
  • Yamton
  • Beckley
  • Forest Hill
  • Wheatley
  • Sandford-on-Thames
  • Aingdon

Don’t worry if your location isn’t included in that list! We provide our services to the whole of Oxfordshire and the surrounding counties, so just get in touch to find out how we can help you.

Why Choose Pro Loft Conversions Oxford?

Our business is converting roof spaces into beautiful, useful rooms for all purposes. Our team can advise you on the best loft conversion for your needs and help you with sensitive conservation area requirements.

We price projects competitively to give you excellent value for money without a compromise on quality. We discuss the pros and cons of every solution with you choose an affordable solution that delivers the room you need.

We are confident that our respectful, fully insured team will deliver an efficient loft conversion with minimal disruption to your family life. We aim to provide a fast turnaround and will explain and agree on timescales with you. Our team aims to make your loft conversion efficient and stress-free; you get the space you need quickly and for less cost than moving to a new house.

It costs you nothing to have a free consultation with our friendly, professional team. Call Pro Loft Conversions Oxford today at 01865 704079, and we can discuss the possibilities to unlock your home’s potential.

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